UK49s Lunchtime Result for 9 May 2023

The UK49s lunchtime lottery is a popular lottery draw that takes place daily in the UK. Today, Tuesday 9 May 2023, the lunchtime draw took place at 12:49 pm GMT. The UK49s lunchtime result for today saw six numbers drawn that could make one lucky winner richer.

These numbers were eagerly awaited by thousand of UK49s ticket holders across the country. Anyone matching 3 numbers would win £57, while matching more numbers leads to bigger prizes. The top prize for matching all 6 goes up to £25,000. Stay tuned for the next UK49s teatime draw happening later today. Check your tickets now to see if you’re a winner in today’s lunchtime UK49s result!

Lunchtime Result (9 May 2023)

UK49s Lunchtime Result for Tuesday 9 May 2023 is given below

4 6 8 24 27 40 12

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